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[Týr] – Eric The Red

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Release date: 2003
Band: Týr
Album: Eric The Red
Genre: Epic Progressive Folk Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. The Edge
  2. Regin Smiður
  3. Dreams
  4. The Wild Rover
  5. Stýrisvølurin
  6. Ólavur Riddararós
  7. Rainbow Warrior
  8. Ramund Hin Unge
  9. Alive
  10. Eric The Red
  11. God Of War [Bonus]
  12. Hail To The Hammer [Bonus]

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Eric The Red

Eric The Red

Metalstorm Review:
How would you find it if someone would come and tell you about a band from the Faroe Islands? I think obscure, that’s how i felt when i discovered from where Tyr come from, but what i found more obscure was the fact that this band sounds so awesome! I’ ve always considered viking metal as a genre that deserves to come from the countries of Northern Europe from where the almighty Vikings arose in the past and formed their own unique civilization and mythology simply because the past flows in their veins and they know how to express it in the most appropriate way. And this is what Tyr offer to the world of metal, some fabulous and heart-felt viking metal that won’t disappoint the fans that are willing to cherish tales of the past through the blending of metal and traditional northern music!

During 2006 Tyr appeared once again to the metal scene with a double strike, their third full-length release, “Ragnarok”, and the re-release of their second full-length, “Eric The Red” (2003 original release), and i’m here to say a few words about the second in the row of reference. The album is epic to the bone, the atmosphere comes straight from the olden times when the Vikings ruled the lands (and to be more specific, the seas) of the north (and not only), and what is really remarkable is the fact that Tyr in their songs also present traditional tunes of their country through a metal prism quite succesfully if i may say, proving that folk elements can be presented beautifully with the sound of an electric guitar! The original album consists of ten compositions, but in this re-release you will find two extra tracks, “God Of War” and “Hail To The Hammer”, coming straight from their debut attempt, “How Far To Asgaard”. The two bonus tracks are good nevertheless, but i don’t think they reach the greatness of the songs consisting of “Eric The Red”.

From the fabulous and intense epic vocals of Heri Joensen that are filled with purity of emotion and expression to the well-expressed and heavy guitar riffing and inspired solos (take “Alive” for example, brilliant solo guitar work! And also on other songs that solos appear now and then, like on the epic and devout masterpiece “Styrisvolurin” and “Ramund Hin Unge”) and from this to the unerring tempo-keeping rhythm section everything flows in an exceptional manner, evoking visions of the past into nowadays. Ten magnificent songs to fill your time with elegant epic atmospheres varying from emotional (“Dreams”) to intense (“Olavur Riddararos” and the upbeat monolith “Ramund Hin Unge”) and from drunken (“Regin Smidur” and “The Wild Rover”) to epic/devout (“Styrisvolurin”) etc according to the tempo and the nature of the song structure.

Concluding, if you’re a fan of the so-called viking metal you should never skip checking Tyr and “Eric The Red” and who knows, maybe you’ll feel the embrace of Eric The Red’s almighty course hailing you from his flaming drakkar as he reaches Valhalla!