[Gorgoroth] – Under The Sign Of Hell

Release date: 1997
Band: Gorgoroth
Album: Under The Sign Of Hell
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. Revelation Of Doom
  2. Krig
  3. Funeral Procession
  4. Profetenes Apenbaring
  5. Postludium
  6. Odeleggelse Og Undergang
  7. Blood Stains The Circle
  8. The Rite Of Infernal Invocation
  9. The Devil Is Calling

{MP3} 44 Megabytes | NO PASS | Quality: 128Kb

Under The Sign Of Hell

Under The Sign Of Hell

Metalstorm Review:
Written by Herzebeth on 31.01.2008
If you’re going to re-issue an album it better be a good one, it better be something worthwhile, it better be a freaking masterpiece actually…it better be Gorgoroth’s best record to date…”Under The Sign Of Hell”…

I remember the first time I ever heard anything from this band, it was something so loud and frightening that gave me nightmares for a week or two, something awfully caught my attention when I heard “Funeral Procession” that day, the vocals, Pest was (in my mind) the best piper this band has ever had, his shrieks where truly intense and almost scary, his performance in this song is just shivering in a word, that tune alone made this album one of the most recognized pieces in Black Metal to this day. “Under The Sign Of Hell” is maybe the most versatile piece when it comes to Vocals and Songwriting, it’s just incredible how many tones and layers we can find inside this masterpiece; high, fast, low, mid-paced, it’s all in there just waiting to burst.

Then there’s the music. Infernus creeps the environment with his strings, he throws catchy lines while holding powerful attacks on his hand; this is Black Metal in its purest form, blasphemous, raw, intense and really freaky, something that every fanatic of the genre must worship and adore. This is truly a very potent experience from the beginning to the end.

I wish more labels where as smart as Regain Records, if they were we’d be hearing classic pieces all over again, until then we’ll have to keep our good eye on Regain Records, maybe we’ll be rejoicing with old Deranged, Vader or Dismember soon…my fingers are crossed…



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