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[Týr] – Eric The Red

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Release date: 2003
Band: Týr
Album: Eric The Red
Genre: Epic Progressive Folk Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. The Edge
  2. Regin Smiður
  3. Dreams
  4. The Wild Rover
  5. Stýrisvølurin
  6. Ólavur Riddararós
  7. Rainbow Warrior
  8. Ramund Hin Unge
  9. Alive
  10. Eric The Red
  11. God Of War [Bonus]
  12. Hail To The Hammer [Bonus]

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Eric The Red

Eric The Red

Metalstorm Review:
How would you find it if someone would come and tell you about a band from the Faroe Islands? I think obscure, that’s how i felt when i discovered from where Tyr come from, but what i found more obscure was the fact that this band sounds so awesome! I’ ve always considered viking metal as a genre that deserves to come from the countries of Northern Europe from where the almighty Vikings arose in the past and formed their own unique civilization and mythology simply because the past flows in their veins and they know how to express it in the most appropriate way. And this is what Tyr offer to the world of metal, some fabulous and heart-felt viking metal that won’t disappoint the fans that are willing to cherish tales of the past through the blending of metal and traditional northern music!

During 2006 Tyr appeared once again to the metal scene with a double strike, their third full-length release, “Ragnarok”, and the re-release of their second full-length, “Eric The Red” (2003 original release), and i’m here to say a few words about the second in the row of reference. The album is epic to the bone, the atmosphere comes straight from the olden times when the Vikings ruled the lands (and to be more specific, the seas) of the north (and not only), and what is really remarkable is the fact that Tyr in their songs also present traditional tunes of their country through a metal prism quite succesfully if i may say, proving that folk elements can be presented beautifully with the sound of an electric guitar! The original album consists of ten compositions, but in this re-release you will find two extra tracks, “God Of War” and “Hail To The Hammer”, coming straight from their debut attempt, “How Far To Asgaard”. The two bonus tracks are good nevertheless, but i don’t think they reach the greatness of the songs consisting of “Eric The Red”.

From the fabulous and intense epic vocals of Heri Joensen that are filled with purity of emotion and expression to the well-expressed and heavy guitar riffing and inspired solos (take “Alive” for example, brilliant solo guitar work! And also on other songs that solos appear now and then, like on the epic and devout masterpiece “Styrisvolurin” and “Ramund Hin Unge”) and from this to the unerring tempo-keeping rhythm section everything flows in an exceptional manner, evoking visions of the past into nowadays. Ten magnificent songs to fill your time with elegant epic atmospheres varying from emotional (“Dreams”) to intense (“Olavur Riddararos” and the upbeat monolith “Ramund Hin Unge”) and from drunken (“Regin Smidur” and “The Wild Rover”) to epic/devout (“Styrisvolurin”) etc according to the tempo and the nature of the song structure.

Concluding, if you’re a fan of the so-called viking metal you should never skip checking Tyr and “Eric The Red” and who knows, maybe you’ll feel the embrace of Eric The Red’s almighty course hailing you from his flaming drakkar as he reaches Valhalla!


[Isengard] – Vinterskugge

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Release date: 1994
Band: Isengard
Album: Vinterskugge
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Compilation


  1. Vinterskugge
  2. Gjennom Skogen Til Blåfjellene
  3. Ut I Vannets Dyp Hvor Morket Hviler
  4. Dommedagssalme
  5. In The Halls And Chambers Of Stardust – The Crystallic Heavens Open
  6. Fanden Lokker Til Stupet (Nytrad)
  7. Naglfar
  8. Thy Gruesome Death
  9. Deathcult
  10. Rise From Below
  11. Dark Lord Of Gorgoroth
  12. Trollwandering
  13. The Fog
  14. Storm Of Evil
  15. Bergtrollets Gravferd
  16. Our Lord Will Come

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Metal-Archive Review:
Written by TheBigDizzle on August 9th, 2004
A great compilation – 98%
Here we have the first bigger release from Isengard, Vinterskugge. This was an absolute great idea, to combine the first 3 demos for all to hear. It makes it a lot easier since demos can be hard to get sometimes, hail Fenriz for his great music making.

The first demo ‘Vandreren’, starts out folky with the title track Vinterskugge, this is a great song, it has some catchy riffs and Fenriz’ vocals are great as usual with the operatic sound. It then goes into a good instrumental track which fades out soon after it starts and then comes back in and gets a little more complex, it’s a nice track to listen to. The cd then completely changes gears and goes black metal with ‘Ut i Vannets dyp Hvor Morket Hviler’, this is a good black metal track with the standard black metal riffs and drumming and it is nice to have a variety. The rest of this cd basically follows this trend of going from more folky sounding songs to black metal to folk black metal and instrumentals. It is definetly one of the cd’s strengths that it is able to be so diverse that it never gets boring.

All the instrument playing on this cd is fantastic, Fenriz plays every single instrument like a pro, when he plays guitar he uses simple but effective riffs that are catchy and could even get you dancing the odd time. His drumming is pretty standard but it gets the job done and fits the music, this goes the same for the bass too, it’s standard, but a great kind of standard.

For Fenriz, the production on this cd is fairly clear. All the instruments are well heard, in comparison to Darkthrone or even the cd that followed this release ‘Høstmørke’, it is definetly great to be able to hear everything so well.

Fans of Darkthrone or folk black metal would do well to pick this up, when Isengard was active, I believe Isengard was at the top of the genre, Høstmørke was a little better than this, but this is still great none the less, If you can find it, get it.

[Overkill] – Taking Over

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Release date: 1 January 1987
Band: Overkill
Album: Taking Over
Genre: New York Thrash Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. Deny The Cross
  2. Wrecking Crew
  3. Fear His Name
  4. Use Your Head
  5. Fatal If Swallowed
  6. Powersurge
  7. In Union We Stand
  8. Electro-Violence
  9. Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues)

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Taking Over

Taking Over

Metal-Archive Review:
Written by Mantis44 on May 3rd, 2007
Smash in your skull! Kick out your brains! – 93%
I’m just gonna forgo the bullshit and say right now that this album kicks ass. From start to finish, Taking Over is a sledgehammer of riffs headed straight for your face. “Riffs” is one word I won’t hesitate to use, so get used to it.

We start out with a pair of fast and furious openers that completely annihilate your neck. Even the lyrics in Wrecking Crew state, “WE’LL WRECK YOUR NECK!” And by God they mean it. It hasn’t even been ten minutes, and they’ve already used that sledgehammer mentioned in the intro. Fear His Name is one of the least memorable songs on the album, but still nice in the riffs department. Use Your Head and Fatal if Swallowed continue the assault on your neck shoving even more riffs down your throat, albeit in a less punishing matter. Break’s over! Powersurge. This song describes itself perfectly. The power surges through this song like riffs surge through this album. Blitz also does a nice scream to close out the song. Next up is In Union We Stand, which, on top of the inspiring lyrics and nice melody, has one bad-ass “machine gun” riff throughout the song. The next song is Electro-Violence. Fast, crushing, powerful, this song has it all. And finally we close the album with part two of the Overkill saga. The Nightmare Continues isn’t my favorite song on the album, but at just over seven minutes long, it’s the perfect closer. It shows how Overkill can be epic while still retaining those bone shattering riffs.

Blitz’s vocals are very diverse on this album, ranging from low and melodic to very high pitched screams. The guitar work is top notch. Gustafson knows his shit when it comes to riffs. The only complaint I have with Taking Over is the song Fear His Name. It’s a little on the slow side and doesn’t have that “wow” factor like most of the other songs. This, however, isn’t the biggest of problems, so do yourself a favor and listen to this monster.

[Gorgoroth] – Under The Sign Of Hell

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Release date: 1997
Band: Gorgoroth
Album: Under The Sign Of Hell
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. Revelation Of Doom
  2. Krig
  3. Funeral Procession
  4. Profetenes Apenbaring
  5. Postludium
  6. Odeleggelse Og Undergang
  7. Blood Stains The Circle
  8. The Rite Of Infernal Invocation
  9. The Devil Is Calling

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Under The Sign Of Hell

Under The Sign Of Hell

Metalstorm Review:
Written by Herzebeth on 31.01.2008
If you’re going to re-issue an album it better be a good one, it better be something worthwhile, it better be a freaking masterpiece actually…it better be Gorgoroth’s best record to date…”Under The Sign Of Hell”…

I remember the first time I ever heard anything from this band, it was something so loud and frightening that gave me nightmares for a week or two, something awfully caught my attention when I heard “Funeral Procession” that day, the vocals, Pest was (in my mind) the best piper this band has ever had, his shrieks where truly intense and almost scary, his performance in this song is just shivering in a word, that tune alone made this album one of the most recognized pieces in Black Metal to this day. “Under The Sign Of Hell” is maybe the most versatile piece when it comes to Vocals and Songwriting, it’s just incredible how many tones and layers we can find inside this masterpiece; high, fast, low, mid-paced, it’s all in there just waiting to burst.

Then there’s the music. Infernus creeps the environment with his strings, he throws catchy lines while holding powerful attacks on his hand; this is Black Metal in its purest form, blasphemous, raw, intense and really freaky, something that every fanatic of the genre must worship and adore. This is truly a very potent experience from the beginning to the end.

I wish more labels where as smart as Regain Records, if they were we’d be hearing classic pieces all over again, until then we’ll have to keep our good eye on Regain Records, maybe we’ll be rejoicing with old Deranged, Vader or Dismember soon…my fingers are crossed…


[Nargaroth] – Black Metal Ist Krieg

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Release date: 2001
Band: Nargaroth
Album: Black Metal Ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument)
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. Intro
  2. Black Metal Ist Krieg
  3. Far Beyond The Stars [Azhubham Haani cover]
  4. Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River
  5. I Burn For You [Lord Foul cover]
  6. The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem
  7. Pisen Pro Satana [Root cover]
  8. Amarok – Zorn Des Lammes Part III
  9. Erik, May You Rape The Angels
  10. The Gates Of Eternity [Moonblood cover]
  11. Possessed By Black Fucking Metal

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Black Metal Ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument)

Black Metal Ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument)

Metal-Archive Review:
Written by fogrim on November 27th, 2006
Yes, armageddon is coming on earth…or better to say, it’s the impression you have by listening this album. Well, that could be seen as well as positive as negative. In the case of Nargaroth it’s definitively positive. This german band released here its masterpiece. This album is in my opinion the best of their already long career.

It’s not as atmospheric as the following “Geliebte des Regens”, it doesn’t sound as pagan as their first album “Herbstleyd”, not as raw as “Prosatanica shooting angels” and not as underground as the “Amarok” full-lenghth compilation, but what I particulary like in this album is the variety of the atmospheres and song writting. You will find elements of all their other releases in the different tracks of this cd.

The track “Black Metal ist Krieg” for example is pure, cold and what I call “True” Black Metal. Just for this title I’d already suggest you to buy this cd. It’s directly in the vein of Darkthrone’s “Transilvanian Hunger”, that means easy but intense. Most of the other tracks are mostly in the same vein, but sometimes rawer and not as deep in abhorrence.

There are also atmospheric titles like “Seven tears are flowing to the river” that is a real masterpiece, the best track with “Black Metal ist Krieg” and “The day Burzum killed Mayhem”. This song is slow and Nargaroth is playing 14 minutes long the two or three same riffs without being boring at all. You will be captivated and drown in a world of despair, sorrow and chill. The atmospheres are created through the guitar and that’s excellent. So, 14 minutes of pure emotions at a very high level remembering Burzum’s best moments. Don’t worry, you will find such glacial atmospheric parts even in the rest of the album, except in the cover songs.

I guess this album could crowd all metal fans, granted that there are heavy and thrash elements. I really like the variation of fast melodies and slower heavy moments. In conclusion, this cd is an absolute masterpiece I recommend you to listen.

[Windir] – Likferd

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Release date: 27 March 2003
Band: Windir
Album: Likferd
Genre: Viking Black Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. Resurrection Of The Wild
  2. Martyrium
  3. Despot
  4. Blodssvik
  5. Fagning
  6. On The Mountain Of Goats
  7. Dauden
  8. Ætti Mørkna

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Metalstorm Review:
Many people were shocked to hear about the tragic death of Bathroy frontman and creator, Quorthon, but as much influential he might be to the Metal scene, another great musician passed away at the end of this year, I’m talking about Windir’s vocalist, founder and main composer, Terje Bakken a.k.a. Valfar.

Valfar left behind him a great legacy called Windir, a Black Metal band that I suppose most of you are aware of. Personally I don’t like to define Windir as a Black Metal band, but as a Viking Metal band, because the Folk Influences are very present. The music, and the Nordic themes are also there.
The album is not your average Black Metal album, first, count with a superb production, and a wonderful illustration graces the cover art.

The album starts with the epic “Resurrection Of The Wild”. A fantastic piece where each part falls just in piece with the next one. The use of clean choruses gives the song a sensational feeling of one being in some Norwegian landscape. Next is “Martyrium”, my favorite song in the album, the Folk melodies in this song intertwine perfectly with the choruses and the guitar leads, creating one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had with a Black Metal album.

Keyboards play a mayor role in the music, giving always the perfect dose of atmosphere necessary to create the desired effect. The shrieks of Valfar are perfect, because they’re not too high, and although it seems impossible for a Black Metal singer to do, he sings following each melody of the album.

Almost each song is an anthem filled with blast beats countered by excellent Folk parts and catchy melodies, and those clean choruses, they’re just great! At the end of “Blodssvik” you’ll find some cool choirs too.

Sadly, Windir broke up after Valfar’s passing, and they’re playing their last gig on Sept. 3 2004, the day Valfar would have turned 26. Also that day, a last Windir album will be out, a double tribute/best of album. Windir is gone, Valfar is gone, what a great lost for the Metal community! At least we have this great album to remind us that once there was a great band called Windir.

[Saxon] – Lionheart

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Release date: 20 September 2004
Band: Saxon
Album: Lionheart
Genre: New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Type: Full Length


  1. Witchfinder General
  2. Man And Machine
  3. The Return
  4. Lionheart
  5. Beyond The Grave
  6. Justice
  7. To Live By The Sword
  8. Jack Tars
  9. English Man ‘O’ War
  10. Searching For Atlantis
  11. Flying On The Edge

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Metalstorm Review:
What a long story, what a long story that the one of this fantastic combo made in England, Saxon. Biff and his guys are back in town this year with their new release, “Lionheart” and if you’re a fan of this kind of music, no doubt that this album will have to finish in your nice CD collection. If their last album, “Killing Ground” was not the best of their long career, I must admit that this time with the new one that’s definitely not same. “Lionheart” the new album of Saxon is without any doubt a must have in the style.

I don’t think that I need to present you a lot the music of the band. But if you don’t know them again, you must know that Saxon and Iron Maiden are the 2 only really productive survivors of the N.W.O.B.H.M. [New Wave of British Heavy Metal] .Understand that with Saxon you have a very melodic Heavy Metal, this kind of songs which enter in your head and can’t go out, this kind of perfect music for the shows. In one word something catchy.
And “Lionheart” that’s not a surprise, follow the rule, this time again you could find 11 tracks of pure great and singing Heavy Metal in the pure tradition of the band. I could describe all the songs of the album, but seriously, when you see that the majority of the tracks are potential hit single, is it really an obligation for me to do that? No, no need to do that but you’ll have to remember that songs like “Witchfinder General” and his powerful tempo with its catchy chorus is a real killer or that a song like the very melodic “Lionheart” is just a masterpiece. In fact during all the album, you could listen to a lot of great songs, really this time Saxon did something classy.
The lyrics of the album talk again about knights, kings and all this kind of stuffs, [that’s an habit with the band]. Some of you like that, some others will hate it, but well that’s Saxon and with a name like that you can’t expect to have Doom or Gothic lyrics. Well that’s not a big deal, because this is well written, and then in that case that’s not a real problem.
About the musicians, here again I can’t say anything wrong about them, Biff is always a damn great singer, Paul Quinn , and Doug Scarratt are always two great guitarists, that’s same for Nibbs Carter with his bass, and when I add that the drummer of the band is now Mr Jörg Michael, I suppose that you understand that’s it’s hard to say something wrong about them…
The production of this album is perfect too, a simple but great cover, and of course a sound that only this kind of bands can have. The perfection…

Saxon is back and not for nothing, “Lionheart” is a great album of Heavy. I saw the band in live this summer and damn I understand why they are always able to do this kind of album, they believe in this music and live for it that’s all…
If you’re a fan of the band or not, you just have to love true Heavy Metal and in that case you can go to your CD shop to buy this excellent release of Metal. With “Lionheart” Saxon shows us again that they are the kings of Heavy Metal.